'A robust, sustainable public health infrastructure must be based in cooperation.' from 'Tackling the Beast: Using #GNU Health to help the fight against the #COVID-19 pandemic' meanmicio.org/2020/03/31/tackl #FreeSoftware #OpenSourceSoftware

O.K., I've found some sample code that can guide me in exposing Rhapsode as a C library: github.com/jwiegley/haskell-to

And here's the documentation: wiki.haskell.org/Foreign_Funct

Hopefully that'll be enough to help me bridge over into C for it's text-to-speech/vice-versa APIs. I've *really* been enjoying Haskell though.

I just tested #RecordScreenIO:

Worked perfectly, super easy to use. I was able to choose whether to record my screen and webcam, or just the screen, and which elements of the screen to record (whole screen or particular window?). After asking the web browser for permission to use the mic. and access the screen, it recorded with my voiceover, and presented the result as an embedded video. Then I had the option to download the video, or close and try again. 10/10 #UX

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Here is something I wrote which includes link to UK regulator guidance on cookie and tracking compliance which is very clear.


"#GoogleAnalytics (GA) is the dominant platform for analysing websites visits and visitors. Google offers this service monetarily for free but the code you drop into the header of every webpage allows Google to retrieve a mine of data about your site visitors and combine this with other data they hold to track individuals across the internet."

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The best way to avoid having the ribbons is to have no tracking which requires consent. :)

"#Fathom has recently discontinued its open source option but it’s still a better option than GA."
- JamesMullarkey

I'd say this is a very good reason to never give Fathom people another cent, especially when there are companies like #Matomo or #KokoAnalytics you can give it to instead, who continue to publish their software as #FreeCode. If every business that moves from free licenses to proprietary one starts hemorrhaging money, maybe they'll stop doing it.

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"#SurveillanceGiants lays out how the surveillance-based business model of #Facebook and #Google is inherently incompatible with the right to #privacy and poses a systemic threat to a range of other rights including #freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of thought, and the right to #equality and non-discrimination."

strong words on some privacy absolutists 

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The guidance is very clear that you can't do these things. The prole is enforcement or lack of.

@irina there will either need to be some high profile court cases against major players who are using these kinds of #DarkPatterns, to clarify that they don't meet the requirements of #GDPR, or it will need to be tweaked to unambiguously close these loopholes.
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@ajroach42 Same here! I'm making great progress on Rhapsode & Odysseus! Having just sent out (another) a new release of the latter!

Leaves me wondering what to do when I feel done with those for the day.

Hmmm, what'll I do to get eSpeak NG (and maybe SpeechDispatcher) integrated into Rhapsode?

There's a couple I want to do on Haskell Stylist first. That should be one day's work.

Then I'll make sure I have a nice API to expose, then write language bindings to start writing the I/O level in C. I'll need to figure out how to do that.

After that's done it should be a simple matter to integrate eSpeak NG & add key handlers.

For SpeechDispatcher I'd need to pull more logic into Rhapsode.

Saw a post saying something to the effect of "guess I have to stop lying to myself about all the things I'd do if I just had the time" and ... I can't relate?

I mean, I'm still working. But I'm also cooking and cleaning house and reading books and watching movies and making toys and writing and recording mission logs for the crew of the Jupiter's Ghost.

But that's how I cope, I guess.

"#FOAF allows a group of friends to represent their real-life social graph digitally by hosting FOAF documents on their own homepages. It allows them to do this without surrendering control of their data to a centralized database in the sky run by a billionaire android-man who spends much of his time apologizing before congressional committees."
- #SinclairTarget, 'Friend of a Friend: The #Facebook That Could Have Been '

Gotta get back to this now. ajroach42.com/reaching-the-wor

I think I've settled on a palm OS hotsync style solution, and I've made some progress towards building one, but I feel like my goals aren't clear enough for me to be able to continue moving forward.

So I gotta do some requirements gathering on myself, and map out what I need to build.

I don't actually write software often, so this is unfamiliar territory for me.

The web is a great replacement for ephemeral publications like newspapers and leaflets, although having print copies of these in archives is a guardrail against #MiniTrue history editing. The web is definitely no substitute for carefully edited long-form publications like books.

DIY Media ajroach42.com/diy-media/. Something to consider since 90% of media is controlled by people who actively make creative works more difficult to do on the Web and stifle privacy. I wanna see if I can make it a goal to increase the amount of independent works I support. (v2.jacky.wtf/post/8096cc33-c6b)

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