@lightweight I must say as a USian living abroad I sympathize with Hoory from that article. I Do want the IRS spending their effort punching Microsoft et al rather than chasing us down who don't owe them any money.

If I recall right you're in a similar situation?

Sad that the only place I can see the announcements of the gov't's infrastructure spending is on FaceBook live... surely, given FB's dishonourable past actions in NZ, we can do much better, and use open technologies, hosted here in Aotearoa NZ...

@lightweight First I did a nod of approval... then I saw that it was FT.

Glad this is getting coverage there. Germany's 'ordolberalism' has some good takes in this direction en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordolibe although they seem to have substituted free institutions for heavy anti--monopolism... *Whispers: we can have both!*

We need more POC leading tech conversations because there seems to be a real resistance to nuance in projects led by white folks.

The entire non-sense around 'free speech' is a great example.

As intelligent people who should be able to differentiate between hate speech that enables harm versus a person just sharing an opinion.

This conversation constantly gets muddled in ridiculous ways b/c white folks tend to white knuckle grip a generic ineffective one size fits all view point.

Yup. Very insightful. Corporations, particularly on the scale of the Frightful Five (Apple, MSFT, Google, Amazon, & FB) need to be dismantled. They're exploiting the Commons & the people. Too much power, wrong incentive, too few ethics, too little oversight, negligible tax. ft.com/content/5a8ab27e-d470-1

@juliobiason The correct approach to the problem is building reproducible builds functionality into pip or setuptools. Having a separately managed virtualenv was just weird.

Working on issue #3 of my newsletter, The Dork Web. Issue #1 comes out this thursday at 13:37 UTC.

Issue #1 is about the Pinebook Pro, ARM64 boards and CP/M SBCs.

Issue #2 is a loveletter to the Atari Lynx

Issue #3 is about Consumerism and reflections on John Carpenter's "They Live" in the 21st Century, MNT Reform, Librem 5 and Pinephone.

If that floats your boat, you can sign up here: thedorkweb.substack.com/

Computing the feature vectors would probably need to be hardwired, as there'd be little overlap in the higher levels.

But the HMMs and, to a lesser extent, language model can be viewed as a probability graph traversal. This requires random-access to memory and plenty of multiplication, which I don't know how to (hypothetically) do better then a general purpose CPU.

Maybe if I understood hardware and voice recognition better I could have more fun with this concept...

Disregard everything, chrome is a fuck. I guess the only thing left to do is to redirect all chrome users to download firefox when they vist

Today in WTF glibc: ARG_MAX isn’t defined even when using -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=200809L

Techies on tumblr: "haha yeah I use a vpn 😎 oh yeah ur gonna wanna jailbreak your iphone 🙏"

Techies on fedi: "if i cant read the source code its evil"

It's real simple:

li a.selected {
padding: 0.5em 1.3em;
border-bottom: solid 0.5em #1d2d6b;
border-top: solid 0.5em #1d2d6b;
border-left: solid 1em transparent;
border-right: solid 1em transparent;
background: linear-gradient(
rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2),
rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2)

Do the same with the regular `li a` but without the gradient and all borders transparent

Certainly if the voice recognition is based on "deep learning" like Mozilla Deep Voice, hardware acceleration is already being developed. It's really not all the different from a GPU.

But if I base it on an approach more like CMU Sphinx, I need to consider three basic passes:
1. Compute feature vectors
2. "Phones" via Hidden Markov Models
3. The language model

If this outputs a list of interpretations, the main CPU described above could match it to a link and handle it from there...

Accidentally made a cool 3d effect while fiddling around with borders and gradients in css.

Linux on ARM impression so far 

PSA: If the latest #intel brouhaha finally pushed you over the edge to go with #amd,
I'm happy to report that due to the hard work of stsp, jsg and kettenis the x395 is reasonably well supported by #OpenBSD -current with suspend & resume fixed at the last hackathon.

Linux on ARM impression so far 

Hi everyone.. I'm a children's author, love gaming and biking, (trike) love a good book and huge amounts of coffee whenever I can :) #Introduction

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