Tag-based bookmarking would be an even more natural fit for Rhapsode, as would using SKOS to resolve any synonyms. "Live bookmarks" for webfeeds might also work quite well here.

And there would be a tag to indicate which bookmarks (or bookmark searches) should be available globally from any webpage.


Since Rhapsode will otherwise function very much as a voice assistant platform (like Amazon Alexa, but it already has *plenty* of skills targetting a different UX) it'd make sense to present this chrome as webpages.

Maybe I'd even let webdevs define their own! But I wouldn't use XSLT because I consider Turing Completeness to be a security vulnerability.

The history page would be navigatable by year-month-day, whilst the bookmarking & find-in-page controls would be webforms.

Right now I'd like to briefly discuss how I'd design navigation aids for Rhapsode, my voice assistant/web browser.

Rhapsode will listen for links it should follow, and that list could naturally be extended to include browser commands and "global" bookmarks, for which I'd change the pitch during clarification to communicate it's trustworthiness.

This would include back/forward history links, a link to page metadata, find-in-page and bookmark-this-page.

"The crux of the plan is for the voice assistant to move from passive to proactive interactions. Rather than wait for and respond to requests, #Alexa will anticipate what the user might want. The idea is to turn Alexa into an omnipresent companion that actively shapes and orchestrates your life. This will require Alexa to get to know you better than ever before."


The ultimate goal of #SurveillanceCapitalism is manipulation of human behavior to profitable ends.

"In my experience, prayers are not a very effective concurrency primitive."

– Robert Lord

When using an array as a dependency on useEffect, is there any way of knowing which indexes were changed?

Anyone from the #React Community that can answer this?

Uhm, didn't see that coming (totally did):

The Wire messenger changed ownership in July, didn't really notify anyone as per their own privacy policy, and now belongs to a US entity called "Wire Group Holdings":


Not sure how I feel about that (totally do).

I think, from a security standpoint, firmwares should not be updatable from the userland or adminland and should be done via USB. If one can update the firmware from userland, why not expose it all to the kernel? It is already that complex.

there' s this author, she wrote an alternative take on A Hacker' s Manifesto

It was about how choices in selecting what to represent formally has political implications

What was her name ?

I' d like to quote her and I can' t remember

She used to be here on the fediverse too

Enjoying the WordPress 5.3 “Kirk” release and the brand new Twenty Twenty default theme. Amazing release and a beautiful, lightweight theme. Check it out! 👏


infosec MDS the reprise 

infosec MDS the reprise 

So, fairbnb's website integrates facebook's messenger to act as a "customer care" chat.

Please, don't.

There is nothing "ethical" in allowing a surveillance giant to capture and process personal data.

infosec MDS the reprise 

Ahaha JSTOR is trying to sell me a three-page review of a 1991 book for $43.95. Not the book mind you, just the dusty 3-page review. ROFL.

I caught up on my #blog / #phlog today. Wrote three short, inconsequential posts, each of which is still a good bit longer than will fit in a toot on my instance. It's good to be able to follow up with what other people are writing on #gopher .


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Technology will save us from everything - except technology itself. This is where the tautologies and euphemisms of late capitalism fall apart, revealing that "technology" here has the same rhetorical and legitimizing function that the "free market" had a few decades earlier. twitter.com/RomainDoutriaux/st

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free software as a service bullshit 

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