@anarchistbicycleclub If the US can't return a living George Floyd to his family, the ownership of the US federal government & all it's assets should go to the Floyds.

(Yes, this is a reference to something...)

Every time I go to the Pandoc website I have to appreciate this diagram. It’s useless for conveying information, except for conveying “it can do a lot”

To be clear, from earlier discussions with them I don't think I'm actually disagreeing with the "Linux desktop theming is broken" crowd.

It's just that the fossbros I ranted takes a certain ownership over GNOME which GNOME does not want. They expect amongst all their nobs to fiddle with control over theming.

For many (but not all) apps this expectation of themability creates a significant maintainance burden. Hence they push back strongly against this expectation.

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Started studying GNU Binutils, will discuss tomorrow...

@colby Well, shouldn't the last one already work by just selecting the location bar, hitting right arrow if it selected the whole entry and then typing your fragment?

And yeah, given that most website hides the url fragments away, being able to get completion or just a page-sorted listing of them would be neat. *files a bug to get a proper API in WebKitGTK*

Web browsers should provide autocompletion for URL fragments for the current page.

Also, I should be able to address a fragment *just* by typing "#" + fragment_identifier, instead of current_url + "#" + fragment_identifier.

@bob @humanetech @resist1984 @tastytea On the bright side there is progress. Twenty years ago (SourceForge / Savannah time) the problem was different: self-hostable forge software was difficult to install and the user experience was not great. Today we can build on quality forge software, establish a federation and free ourselves from centralized services.

The Tor Project is hiring for two positions: a Systems Administrator and a Browser Developer. Share these opportunities with your networks:

48. Things that work different should look different.
in linguistics, false cognates are words that look and sound similar, with similar meaning, but different origin. false friends are words with similar sound but different meaning. software has false cognates and false friends too. In 2018 they nearly ended the world:


@resist1984 @cj @dachary @clacke

Agree, git-bug is very cool! I brought it to attention to the ForgeFed team in the past, as they are tracking all that is out there in terms of code forges.

Chartability accessible visualisation methodology: chartability.fizz.studio/

Practical accessibility, part 2: Name (almost) everything - Maggie Wachs @ Filament Group: filamentgroup.com/lab/practica

Designing Custom Focus Indicators - Matsuko @ craftcms: craftcms.com/accessibility/des

How to Build Apps that Work for All Users - Oliver Lindberg @ Shopify: shopify.com/partners/blog/mobi

@resist1984 @clacke @dachary

Of all code forges #gitea is most likely to be the first that implements native #forgefed support. The team members are excited about it.

See on Gitea where @cj elaborated the work that is needed: github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issu

And this mention on #codeberg where @6543 is a Gitea team member: codeberg.org/Codeberg/Communit

Since I see this argument starting to resurface on my timeline: There isn't a correct answer for whether theming is broken or not.

Some apps intentionally or not will work fine with theming, others will benefit from being designed against a specific theme. For those it may be beneficial for some desktops to discourage switching themes.

The question should be asked on a case by case basis, not globally.

@xerz I don't care about the price, but — any suggestions for a good 2-in-1 that I can run GNU/Linux on? So far it sounds like Surface is the best option.

I am looking for solutions to provide auto-generated live-caption by myself (on my scrensharing then) if tools for online calls and meetups don't provide those. But I'm not sure how.

The Hotdog web browser and browser engine - Hacker News Discussion: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

Thanks to @humanetech for pointing this out to me! I'll link to the browser itself once I've gotten through it's code...

Problem: want a #docker image that runs Gitlab Runner, and has #Nikola static site generator installed in it, along with #Pandoc and #rsync.

Solution: git.rys.io/libre/gitlab-nikola

Or, for a more general case if installing software from #Debian packages/repositories is enough:

Programming not-really-hot-at-all take 

I kind of love #Rustlang macro_rules macros because they let me do the kind of stupid syntax-inventing stuff I do with C preprocessor macros but with simultaneously more flexible and less accident-prone syntax.

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