I thought many of you might enjoy this comic I was sent. The Red Panda swears it!

How I feel when, say, TVNZ On Demand is recommended to me:

(image description in next toot)

XKCD#488 Steal This Comic: xkcd.com/488/

Personally I advocate boycotting. Whether you buy or pirate DRM'd media, you're counted as supporting or justifying these unjust "anticircumvention" laws respectively.

Oh forgot to attach this meme!

The joke is that CSS has a principle, unlike most other design tools, that ugliness is better than illegibility. So if you make a box too small to fit it's text...

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The Digital Death of Collecting - Kyle Chayka: kylechayka.substack.com/p/essa

You know what's killing collecting? DRM. Streaming on it's own doesn't stop people like me from wanting to collecting!

I've got a sizable collection of audiofiles on my computer now... And a few video files... Now that I know where to find ones that are legal to download.

The Embroidery the Global Tech Giants Don't Want You To See - Lema Shamamba @ The Single Object @ The Spinoff: invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=

Reposting after yesterday with the titular Single Object because I think this is an important topic!

Happy International Day Against DRM!
(It might be tomorrow for you, I tend to be a day ahead of the rest of the world)

You can celebrate by e.g. avoiding DRM for the entire day, here's my recommendations: adrian.geek.nz/movies

That'd be far from unusual for me though, so I'll probably listen to more entertainment! And maybe join the chats...

What are you doing?


Rhapsode progress 

I've enabled compiler warnings and fixed any issues there as potential future bugs.

I've added some support for psuedo-classes/elements namely ::before/::after. Though it's difficult to figure out the API because so much depends on how the embedding wants to do things.

It's parsing the HTML "style" attribute, and allows customizing CSS inheritence.

Rhapsode screenshots attached, now I just need to refine that XML to be accepted by espeak.

Something interesting I just tested:

Markup like "<select><option><td>Test</td> <td>42</td></option></select>" degrades very gracefully! Screenshot attached.

I've heard from someone who'd appreciate being able to express this sort of concept to browsers, who'd appreciate this being incorporated into the standards.

Webfeed support in Odysseus news for today: Success!

Stilling needs some polishing up, but here's the rendered HTML for one of the podcasts I listen to.

The design question:

Currently I'm presenting these links as a grid of screenshots with different coloured shadows indicating whether they're from my list, one of your top visited sites, or something a link you've "pinned" to the front of the grid. For clarity and accessibility this information is also available in a tooltip.

Also I've been informed that it's not immediately obvious what these links are. So what would be the best way to label them?

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Currently playing with setting up a home server.

Hopefully this'll help solve constraints I experience on freemium services, give me full control over my own dev, & give collaborators the best experience I can.

Here's my soon-to-be homeserver.


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