Rhapsode progress 

Something interesting I just tested:

Markup like "<select><option><td>Test</td> <td>42</td></option></select>" degrades very gracefully! Screenshot attached.

I've heard from someone who'd appreciate being able to express this sort of concept to browsers, who'd appreciate this being incorporated into the standards.

Webfeed support in Odysseus news for today: Success!

Stilling needs some polishing up, but here's the rendered HTML for one of the podcasts I listen to.

The design question:

Currently I'm presenting these links as a grid of screenshots with different coloured shadows indicating whether they're from my list, one of your top visited sites, or something a link you've "pinned" to the front of the grid. For clarity and accessibility this information is also available in a tooltip.

Also I've been informed that it's not immediately obvious what these links are. So what would be the best way to label them?

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Currently playing with setting up a home server.

Hopefully this'll help solve constraints I experience on freemium services, give me full control over my own dev, & give collaborators the best experience I can.

Here's my soon-to-be homeserver.


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