Longterm I may want a future where clicking a link didn't imply consent to run whatever scripts that site desires, & where browsers were feasable to fork. I may personally want this future today since in my websurfing the drawbacks of having JavaScript enabled far outweigh the benefits.

But what I'm really asking from you isn't so much to write no JavaScript, but to write better JavaScript. To write less JavaScript, make less work for yourself.


I know that most people are stuck in a capitalist dystopia for their computing, where the web is the least objectionable way of running software. Desktops which don't adhear to existing standards, & who's app repositories value quantity of (non-integrated) apps over quality without a means of installing apps from elsewhere. It's easy for me to forget this.

In today's environment there's plenty of reasons to write JavaScript, so I can't hold it against you...


Yes I know my enemy here is capitalism, not JavaScript. In fact it seems basically only capitalists find it worth the investment to write the sort of JavaScript I'm objecting to...

And no, I don't think JS is a terrible language. At least not when under the performance expectations it faces today. I'd love to see more people try writing GTK apps in it! The role it fills on the web is what I object to.

In short: There's a reason why I like sharing Go Make Things' blogposts!

3/3 Fin!

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