Normal devs: Fixes their sites to work in Safari
Amazon: Fixes Safari to work on their sites
Me: Rewrites the frontend for such dominant sites to work in my browsers

Except I don't need to! Others already have.

So today my deep gratitude goes out to projects which proxies the entrenched silos stripping them of their nuisances. Which helps me damage-control the myriad of broken links to these sites.



I'm talking about projects like:

* Bibliogram for Instagram
* Imgin & Rimgo for Imgur
* Invidious & Piped for YouTube
* Librarian for LBRY/Odysee
* Libreddit & Teddit for Reddit
* Lingva & SimplyTranslate for Google Translate
* Nitter for Twitter
* Proxitok for Tiktok
* Scribe for Medium
* Whoogle, Searx, & SearxNG for Google, etc
* Wikiless for Wikipedia (though not as needed)

And thanks to for loadbalancing instances of these to ensure I don't overload them!

2/2 Fin!

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