@passthejoe Gnome once again forgetting that there are thousands of GTK apps that are used outside of Gnome…

@andy_twosticks @passthejoe I wouldn't say that yet, it'll be a long time until GTK5's out. They've only just released GTK4!

@alcinnz @passthejoe And when they do, there will still be thousands of apps that use GTK outside of Gnome.

@andy_twosticks @alcinnz @passthejoe I quite wonder about that to be honest, GTK4 outside of Gnome is really not looking good.

@lanodan @andy_twosticks @passthejoe Hmmmm, GTK4 has some nice enhancements I'd love to eventually take advantage of... Leaving aside the GPU acceleration... I hope it gets uptake!

@alcinnz @andy_twosticks @passthejoe Yeah, I also wish I could use it.
But apparently they screwed up the accessibility and if you try it in sway or weston you get something that's quite broken.

Plus things like screwing up settings.
KDE is having everything configurable in a nice interface.
Gnome is needing to dig to have things being even slightly correct like font auto-hinting or actual scrollbars.
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