The thing I love about text is that it can be presented in any medium! Images! Audio! Touch! Though to get richtext to render across all these mediums you need to separate off the semantics.

Hypertext can be navigated using just a couple of buttons, though more than that is always nicer!

A simplified web is a great "metaplatform"! To use a term from a nonsensical rant I read yesterday... I've been slowly working on coming up with a list of rich-text semantics, and so far I have:

- Emphasized (
<em> and <strong> in HTML)
- Distinct (
<i> in HTML)
- Literal (
<code> and a few others in HTML)
- Attention (
<b> in HTML)
- Quote (
<q> or <blockquote> in HTML)

Some of these have multiple levels, or can be nested. For example, "distinct" can be nested; e.g., in English, loan-words are usually "distinct", and in narrative prose a person's thoughts are "distinct"; if these overlap, you have nested "distinct". Typographically this is usually rendered by alternating the use of italic type. For an example of levels, bold-face is often used to make emphasis stronger.

@alexandra @alcinnz I’d also add:

Annotated (<mark> in HTML)
Placeholder (<var> in HTML; could combine well with a translate="yes" attribute)

The lines between formatting and structural semantics can get confusing. For instance: should role="note" receive oblique formatting and/or an indent, like blockquote?

@Seirdy @alcinnz @alexandra I came across <abbr> a few months ago and at the time, I assumed that there would be a way to make the <abbr> hover tooltip show up on mobile as well. It turns out that there isn't, not unless you manually insert the title using CSS or use JS (which seems silly). Sure, we can write the expanded form of the word next to the abbreviation but that makes <abbr> redundant.

It seems to me that <abbr> and anything else that acts on hover, such as the :hover pseudo-class are fundamentally flawed.

@ayushnix @alcinnz @alexandra Agreed; that’s why I didn’t include it.

If the definition is that important, make it an in-page link to a <dfn> element in a doc-glossary section, or just write it out inline.

I think it’s fine to use an <abbr>, but we shouldn’t depend on it.

@ayushnix @Seirdy @alexandra Exactly!

Lots of interesting things to explore... Maybe I can specialize the handle of <abbr title> for different mediums like mobile?

Certainly for audio its best to expand acronyms out by default.

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