I think I'll put a notice on Odysseus's website & Github repo that I no longer plan to continue unless someone takes it over. Future development will go towards adding what I consider to be some of Odysseus's most important features to GNOME/elementary Web.

Even if I don't like writing GTK apps in C (usually I'm ambivalent).

And towards building my own chrome for my own browser engines, which I now plan to publish on the @elementary AppCenter & @gnome FlatHub amongst elsewhere.


I am commissioning @betalars to design icons & visuals for my auditory "Rhapsode" browser. I will shortly get back to Rhapsode to ensure it still works, & add webforms support. I will be requesting payment in the AppCenter.

Then my focus will turn to browser visual browser via eReaders & TV remotes; there's a certain overlap between the two.

I hope @elementary & @gnome amongst others can eventually benefit from my work. Certainly I see quirks in Mail my plans could help address...


@RyunoKi Already did so! The repo was archived before I wrote that blogpost!

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