Free Software is an Abject Failure - @jbauer :

I'm not sold on throwing out the GPL, but there's a lot I agree with here!

I do have strong disagreements with certain free software camps (viewing the opposition to forks of popular projects as contradictory), and I'd advise that the way forward is to acknowledge debates over licensing aren't going to solve anything.

And create solid governance for established projects.

Maybe I need to write my thoughts about this down somewhere...

I still refer to myself as believing in software freedom, the four freedoms. And to be clear: I'm the one viewing opposition to forks as contradictory.

@alcinnz @jbauer Great piece. Clearly shows the contradictions between the licenses and the vision.

I've thought a lot about licenses lately for Dropserver, and it's clear to me that although common consensus is that it *has to be* AGPL, it won't be. For reasons similar to article above and more it will be liberally licensed. (I'm flip flopping between MIT and Apache2 rn).

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