Wow the IRS (the US' tax department) has the most insipid hold music... and you invariably get to know it very well.

Normally, the IRS tells me that their lines are too busy, and ring back another day (they say to use their website, but because I'm overseas & have no US driver's license, I can't create an account)... today they finally let me join the queue, telling me the wait time is 15-30 minutes. Been waiting 50 minutes so far, and this is a toll call.

wow! Finally got through to someone at 54 minutes. They can't help me, but have transferred me to someone else... and there's a wait time of 30-60 minutes to talk to them.

Holy shit, what an insanely dysfunctional organisation.

Isn't it the case for most government jobs? I understand it's an essential service in any organized society, but around here all government employees seem to be miserable. My dad spent the later half of his career in a government job, and I've only known him complaining about it. My brother who followed his footsteps changes department or agency nearly every year.

I can't understand it. Job security with benefits cannot be worth it.


@normandc @lightweight My Dad got incredibly frustrated by the middle management at LINZ, though managed to get good work done despite them.

Now we've gone private & those managers have explicitly admitted they didn't see the point of Dad's job despite politicians budgetting for it. So now we've got different frustrations!

@alcinnz @normandc Heh - I started my own company 21 years ago so I could be subject only to my own incompetence, rather than that of all those above me in the hierarchy :) - worked out pretty well. Hope it's going ok for your dad (give him my regards!).

Thanks! He took an early retirement with a nice severance package about 25 years ago. AFAIK he's never had any regrets. He does woodworking to occupy his time. The funny thing is, he spent years on a schedule as if he was still going to work: 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. Then at some point he realized "hey there's nothing interesting on TV tonight, why don't I go to my workshop to have some fun?" 😄

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