lrp: daily reminder that piracy is a civic duty ☠️


@nyx And my regular reminder to check out what else is out there, and talk about it!

I've got some recommendations:

If somegroup pushes you to keep up with, say, Game of Thrones push them to keep up with Magus Elgar. You could watch both!

@alcinnz curating media is something that has sadly faded away somewhat with algorithmic curation replacing what used to be done by hand by people invested in a genre, but I try to keep it alive

@nyx Same here! (In part because I don't like the centralization most "algorithms" require)

Hmmmm, looking to see what you're recommending...

@alcinnz more proactively curating stuff is currently one of many things on my backlog of projects actually, been meaning to get around to starting a web radio show for that purpose

@nyx O.K., maybe not Magus Elgar. GoT fans might not go for ensamble comedy...

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