@alcinnz They say it doesn't save space - if the power comes from solar panels.

One option could be to power them from offshore wind farms?

just a few ideas off the top of my head..
* if the sun is so great, get some cheap milar and reflect the light into your vertical farm.
* you can grow root vegetables (potatoes) with aeroponics its just not done that much, also doesnt use a lot of light.
* vertical farming is imo meant for cities and helps also to reduce the pollution and inefficiency of shipping foods over long distance. who cares if they are not growing rice, its helping.
* author has no creativity.

@fleeky Funny, they're usually very creative. But this article was quite short...

@alcinnz i try not to comment too much on articles like this but it is upsetting when people have to trash emerging ideas and not just you know try to use it to achieve a better world for everyone.

vertical farming ,, one tool in the toolchain , obviously not a once stop solution.

on the bright side, i now want to try to make a vertical aquaponic farm that uses reflected light ;) also anerobic digester for a methane heat source in winter maybe hmmm , solar panels on top for some led lights.

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