If you complained about the recent takedowns of youtube-dl or widevine-l3-decryptor, I would recommend you join me in celebrating International Day Against DRM!

Because this isn't anything new, it's only faced a little resurgence over the past month. Whether we like it or not, international law humors their arguments.

How about checking out some of my recommendations?
How about showing we don't need DRM or capitalists to fund & promote our entertainment?

For IDAD I relistened to lots of audio shows & music, before watching all of Blender's short animations! Now when's the chat?

Also I broke some DRM on my Finding Nemo DVD...

Official announcement:

Wanna hear people isolated aboard the USS Haphaestus orbiting red dwarf star Wolf359?
Cheesy 1930's superheroics?
Fantastical ensamble comedy?
Timetravel coldwar conspiracy?

@alcinnz I gotta love how whenever I use Plex, Firefox insists that I need to enable DRM. I never do, and it always works just fine (I mean, aside from Plex's iffy stream-handling; when I download videos through Plex using a plugin or script, they generally play much better) (and isn't it great how Plex doesn't itself provide an option for downloading, even with the server owner's consent? The copyright/DRM industry increasingly rules the universe.)

I guess this is a #softwareGripe.

@woozle @alcinnz yeah this annoys me too. I think someone filed a bug report. Think plex does the drm check at the beginning rather than before playing a DRM piece of content, triggering the warning

@woozle @alcinnz This is one of the many reasons why I prefer the open-source #Jellyfin, which allows for downloads and, at least to my knowledge, doesn’t do any of the DRM-stuff

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