I've got some thoughts on this Ethical Tech Giving Guide: fsf.org/givingguide/v11/?pk_ca

DO NOT gift a Pinephone or Librem! It'll just reinforce a perception that open source is buggy and clumsy. Please wait a few years!

The laptops/desktops they recommend are probably fine.

If you're having wifi issues (like I *used to*), I trust the FSF's recommendation. A wifi dongle's an easier approach than fixing it yourself! Smallness looks nice too.



I STRONGLY back the recommendations for ebooks, music, & movies though I *really* wish I could add more to the latter. Especially since "streaming" doesn't have aesthetic of a gift!

Here's my recommendations for audio shows & too few movies: adrian.geek.nz/movies
Man From Earth could be good for any sciency-types you know.

Their RNG dongle & VPN box recommendations could be great gifts for the right person.

I like their help-wanted section. I know Pine64 is worth watching there.


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