Who here has enjoyed a Blender Open Movie? cloud.blender.org/films/

These are hugely entertaining short animations made with their titular computer animation tool.

Which they do for several extremely important reasons:
1. Enrich free culture.
2. Advertise what can be accomplished with their tools.
3. Ensure those things can be reasonably accomplished with their tools.
4. Fund the project with sales of all the behind-the-scenes data.



I think any artistic free-software tool *should* be doing likewise. There's a reputation that they're not as good as the proprietary competition, which this helps determine whether that's the case and how to fix it!

Pepper & Carrot certainly helps me take Krita more seriously than GIMP.

Perhaps thanks to this validation, Blender *is* competing successfully against first-mover Autodesk Maya for use in feature films, etc. I'll celebrate that!


@cwebber @alcinnz You may have already seen it, but I think [ZeMarmot](film.zemarmot.net/en/) is a very cool example of this principle. The donations support both the movie project and the GIMP development, one of the artists also develops GIMP.

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