Today's hard work:

Why is Rhapsode an Auditory web browser?

It's accessable!
It's cool!
It's different!
It works!
It's simple!
It's efficient!

Please tell me what you think?

@alcinnz I do not understand, I thinkI recall you explained web-browser are too complex. Still you build one.

What's the point?

@amirouche That's a great distinction for me to discuss in a future blogpost! But put simply:

The Web is a complex application platform grown from a simple document store.

I'm advocating for an alternative path forward for the web breaking compatibility with the few popular "webapps", by showing the potential we discarded in their persuit.

I think this approach towards addressing the web's complexity is worth attempting. It's less of a leap from the status quo, and less than many think.

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