"Don't get me wrong here: It's not a question of affording it. I can comfortably afford newer hardware. I just don't have any interest in it unless I have a need for it, and "Google can't write Javascript" doesn't qualify as a real need. I should not need modern hardware to type text - and, hey, halfway modern hardware chokes out anyway."

The End of the Blog: Google's New Bloggr Interface Is Broken:

"Should I buy new hardware (which requires very real resources and energy to create) to deal with your bullshit? Should I take far, far longer to write a post because text doesn't show up when I type it? Should I use high powered hardware to chew through the damned atrocity that is your interface?

"ALL of these have a significant environmental impact - and that impact wasn't there with the old interface."

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@alcinnz good argument for switching to an open source blogging platform, not to stop blogging - but it does show, again, how the interests of Big Tech platforms are not aligned with its users.

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