Over September and October I want to run a tournament between the fictional characters in the audio shows, etc I've been recommending! I think I'll get started tomorrow (August 31st for me), after establishing the rules today.

In each match I'll pair two or three fictional characters up against each other, declaring a winner by popular vote after 24 hours. The victor will go on to participate in the next round of matches until one character won the entire tournament!


You can win bonus votes towards a character in the replies in each match by:

* Being the first to name the (voice) actor [1 vote]
* Being the first to name the show the character's from [1 vote]
* Being the first to make an oblique reference to the character (superpower, alter ego, distinctive quote, etc) without naming the show or character [2 votes]
* Drawing fan art [3 votes each]

I'll boost these replies once I've counted their votes.

Sounds fun?


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One more thing: These are works of fiction, any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely intentional. However I will be thinking of a particular portrayal when counting votes in the replies.

Also, each show except 1 contributed 9 fictional characters towards the tournament. The exception contributes 27: 9 heroes, 9 villains, & 9 agents.


Anyone wants to bet on which character or show will win the tournament?

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Round 2 

Let me tell you about some of my favourite shows, from which I sourced these characters!

I love The Red Panda Adventures! It's a cheesy superhero show set in Toronto, Canada during The Great Depression and WWII, with excellent wit, banter, irony, action, laughing, voice acting, writing, and sound effects. And a truly excellent period piece!

Wolf359 starts out amusingly relatable, than the tension grows at a delicious pace as the story gets going!

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