Over September and October I want to run a tournament between the fictional characters in the audio shows, etc I've been recommending! I think I'll get started tomorrow (August 31st for me), after establishing the rules today.

In each match I'll pair two or three fictional characters up against each other, declaring a winner by popular vote after 24 hours. The victor will go on to participate in the next round of matches until one character won the entire tournament!



You can win bonus votes towards a character in the replies in each match by:

* Being the first to name the (voice) actor [1 vote]
* Being the first to name the show the character's from [1 vote]
* Being the first to make an oblique reference to the character (superpower, alter ego, distinctive quote, etc) without naming the show or character [2 votes]
* Drawing fan art [3 votes each]

I'll boost these replies once I've counted their votes.

Sounds fun?


One more thing: These are works of fiction, any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely intentional. However I will be thinking of a particular portrayal when counting votes in the replies.

Also, each show except 1 contributed 9 fictional characters towards the tournament. The exception contributes 27: 9 heroes, 9 villains, & 9 agents.


Anyone wants to bet on which character or show will win the tournament?

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O.K., I'll list the shows include in the tournament:

The Red Panda Adventures (heroes, villains, & agents)
Magus Elgar
Man From Earth (though there's really only one memorable character)
Welcome to Night Vale
The Bright Sessions
Blender Open Movies
The Thrilling Adventure Hour
ars Paradoxica

This'll take a while to get through...

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The Tournament begins!

As described at top of thread, you can score bonus votes in the replies.

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I'm running four rounds simultaneously each day...

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I've randomized all these options, even if this match doesn't look like it.

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Yesterday Doug Eiffel with 2 votes defeated Captain Tom Sunlight (Christopher Mott) from The Red Panda Adventures with 1 vote.

Mordriel The Malevant (Steven Burly) from The Red Panda Adventures with 1 vote was defeated by The Flying Squirrel with 2 votes.

Hugh Jackman defeated Lt. Clnl. defeated Melissa Walker (Aba Woodruf) from Marsfall at 1 to nil.

And Croach defeated Sue Chef Earl Harland (Wil Wheaton) from Welcome to Night Vale at 2 + 2 bonus votes to nil.

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In the next round Andy Parker will face off against Mac Tully, and Frank Doyle's opponent is yet to be decided.


Hmmm, I think I'll preemptively *mostly* reveal which characters are from Man From Earth or it's sequal. Only having a first name to refer to most of them by isn't very distinctive...

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Yesterday, after a slow start, Andy Parker with 3 votes + 1 bonus vote = 4 votes defeated Commander Jacki O'Rania (Shannon Lovely) from Marsfall at 1 vote.

Red Panda agent 148 Mac Tully with 1 vote defeated agent 33 Gregor Sampson (Peter Nicol) with 0 votes.

Frank Doyle with 2 votes + 3 bonus votes = 5 defeated Victor (Reinout Scholten van Aschat) with 1 vote from Blender's Cosmos Laundromat.

I'm now rerunning the final match from yesterday revealing the characters' shows!

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Yesterday, Tara & Chloe tied yet again, this time with 2 votes each. I don't want to run yet another rematch so I'll cast a tie breaking vote towards Chloe unless someone casts another vote in the next few minutes.

Doc Rocket with 2 votes defeated Bridget Chambers (Preston Max Allen) from ars Paradoxica.

And Harry from Man From Earth defeated mimic atypical Mark Bryant (Andrew Nowak) from The Bright Sessions at 1 to nil.

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Reminder: You can cast bonus votes in the replies by being the first mentioning the characters':

* (voice) actor [1 vote]
* show [1 vote]
* some oblique reference (e.g. their alter ego, agent number, superpower, distinctive quote, etc) without mentioning the character or show. [2 votes]

Or each fan art is worth 3 votes towards the depicted character.

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Yesterday, The Electric Eel defeated Lou Gaines (L. Jeffrey Moore) from ars Paradoxica at 2 to nil.

The Red Ensign defeated Geoff Thomassen (James Fouhey) from Marsfall at 1 to nil.

The Living Intelligence Nexus For Ultimate Solving defeated Liko (Carlos Knight) from Man From Earth: Holocene at 4 to nil.

And Emo (3 votes) tied with Sadistic Doyle (1 vote + 2 bonus votes), so I'll count the mention of "TAH" as a bonus vote too, giving the win to Sadie!

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Dr. Friedrich von Schlitz is tying with Proog at 1 vote each, I'll run a rematch revealing those shows in 10 minutes unless I get another vote.

Brian McSweeny is defeating empathic atypical Caleb Michaels (Briggen Snow) from The Bright Sessions.

Tank Brody defeated Red Panda agent Bert Mendel (Scott Moyle).

And Magus Sagari defeated Victus (Brian Stivale), the villain of Magus Elgar.

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Yesterday, Dr. Friedrich von Schlitz once again tied with Proog at 1 vote each. I'll change how I'm doing these rematches because they don't seem to be helping.

The Stranger won against dream walker atypical Rose Atkinson (Alanna Fox) from The Bright Sessions at 1 to nil.

And Captain Isabel Lovelace won against Esther Roberts (Katie Speed) from ars Paradoxica at 4 to nil (2 bonus votes).

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Yesterday the titular Magus Elgar (William Violenus) is loosing to Captain Clockwork at 2 to nil. And his Acolyte, Udo Malaaki (foley artist Christopher Moore) is loosing to Harry Kelly at 1 to nil.

Captain Laserbeam is tying with Jack Rabbit at 1 vote each. Unless a receive a vote within the next half hour I'll reshuffle them with Dr. von Schlitz & Proog for rematches.

And Kaylee Fawn is defeating Jack Wyatt (Zach Ehrlich) from ars Paradoxica.

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In the next round Harry Kelly will face off against Captain Clockwork, and to figure out who will face off against Kaylee Fawn I'll reshuffle with Dr. von Schlitz, Proog, Captain Laserbeam, Jack Rabbit, & maybe others.

Though there's still time for these results to change.

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"*I* am MAGUS ELGAR, a caster, a spellmaster, and a solver of disaster."
"Uh... And I'm Udo Malaaki, I'm um I'm with him."
"I for once, would like a acolyte with theatrics."

Magus Elgar is the theatrical protaganist in this ensamble comedy, whilst Udo's very understandably timid in the face of the danger's he's kept getting pushed into. Serves as a bit of straight man to complement Elgar.

With the two Hearthly protaganists out, will the other Earthly protaganist also win?

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Now that I've let yesterday's results finalize, there's been no change...

And there seems to be some eagerness already for Lee Marvin to win!

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Let's discuss the bonus votes.

An oblique reference was made to Carlos, which counts as two bonus votes towards him.

Prior to the vote I established that when I name a real person, I'm referring to a particular fictional depiction and am grading bonus votes based on that.

As for Dr. Hilbert bonus votes, but I only accept count one reply each towards (voice) actor, show, & oblique reference. I did state the oblique can't name the character or show, I might weaken that but I don't need to yet.

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Yesterday's brackets were interesting! Carlos with 2 + 2 votes defeated The Golden Claw (Shannon Arnold, Monica Cote) from The Red Panda Adventures with 2 votes.

Lee Marvin enthusiastically won with 4 votes against Gruber (Richard Rhiele) from Man From Earth with 2 votes. I'm not granting any bonus votes as they refer to different depictions.

Dr. Keilla Levy defeated shapeshifter atypical Niko.

And in a contentious vote, Dr. Hilbert with 2 + 4 votes defeated TFOWWSLIYM with 4 votes.

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Niko (Aron Brown) one-off from The Bright Sessions wants to master their shapeshifting ability so as not to face gender dysphoria anymore. That might have garnered them more votes if I weren't testing if anyone else knew!

The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home (Mara Wilson) from Welcome to Night Vale did compete in a mayoral election against Hirem McDaniels - a literal five-headed dragon.

The Golden Claw was a monopolistic Toronto mob boss.

Gruber teaches psychology.

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In the next round Carlos will face off against Lee Marvin, whilst Dr. Keila Levy faces off against Dr. Hilbert. Lots of mad science going on there!

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In the next round Amelia Earheart will face off against Tom Tomorrow. Will this battle traverse time?

And to find out who'll face off against Ani Mateo Alvirez, I'll reshuffle Jacobi and Huntokar with Jack Rabbit, Captain Laserbeam, Dr. von Schlitz, & Proog for rematches!

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Yesterday Jacobi (1 vote + 1 bonus vote) tied with Huntokar (2 votes).

Ani Mateo Alvirez defeated Gregory Kharkov (Sergey Nagorni) from Marsfall.

Amelia Earheart with 2 votes defeated Banjo Bindlestuff (Craig Cackowski) from The Thrilling Adventure Hour's Down in Moonshine Hollar. Probably for the best, he's a creepy stalker and the writers know it.

And Tom Tomorrow defeated Chet Wickman (Reyn Beeler) from ars Paradoxica in a landslide at 5 to nil!

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Chet Wickman was the first in ars Paradoxica to actually make use of time travel, and coheads the intelligence agency ODAR.

Gregory Kharkov was from another martian colony, whilst the protoganists were meant to be the first if not for a timing glitch.

We're almost a third the way through the primaries!

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Gather 'round all you hobos
And hear my tale.
Of riches to rags
And cars to rails.
Fell for a woman
Didn't know what to call her.
She was the princess of Moonshine Hollar.
*Beautiful princess of Moonshine Hollar.*
Woo-ooo oo
Woo-ooo oo
Packed my life in a bindle
Cast my fate to the wind
The New Haven Central was my only friend
Changed my name
Now it aint worth a dollar
My come overfloweth in Moonshine Hollar
*Heaven on Earth called Moonshine Hollar*
Wooo-ooo oo
Wooo-ooo oo"

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Yesterday Dana Cardinal with 4 votes defeated self-declared genius inventor The Genie (Brian Vaughn) from The Red Panda Adventures with 2 votes.

The Gray Fox with 4 votes defeated accidental time traveller Dr. Sally Grissom (Kristen DiMercurio) from ars Paradoxica.

Dr. Bright and Professor Zombie are tied two votes each. Still time to vote!

And Agent Green defeated William Donovan (Rob Slotnick) from ars Paradoxica at 2 to nil.

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@alcinnz Rose Tyler will win of course (you probably can guess why) :P

@lanodan I'm sorry to report, Doctor Who (or anything very mainstream) is part of the tournament...

@alcinnz can't really vote in the others coz i only know Hugh Jackman

@alcinnz Croach is from The Thrilling Adventure Hour's Spark's Nevada series, where he is played by ... One of the Marks? Mark gagliarty, I think, because I'm pretty sure Mark Evan Jackson is ... From Earth.


I'll try and spell this one: Clarissa Dernnederlandan plays the flying squirrel to great effect in decoder ring theatre's red panda adventures.

@alcinnz Andy Parker is the best. I have no idea who voices him, but he's from the red panda adventures.

@alcinnz I honestly just vote for the name I like better. I have rarely watched TV or movies in my life, and this rarely recognize any of these names!

@shapr Even if you did watch much TV or movies you might not have heard of these names! Continue on!

It's what I've managed to find DRM-free, which tends to exclude the mainstream whilst giving way to better themes & representation.


I have no idea who all these people are, but it sounds fun! :blobcatsip:

@alcinnz "What am I supposed to do?"
"I don't kno- ah ha ha haha, no, wait. I don't care. Yes. That's the one."

@alcinnz I have absolutely zero idea what's going on here. Hasn't stopped me from throwing the occasional vote in though ... but it does stop me doing many.

@alcinnz well, this was a difficult choice, so let me just say that i'm thankful for chemical catalyzers and Zach Valenti.

@alcinnz Only someone from y'alls archipelago could so casually run such a functional yet complex vote, via microblog polls, lol.

@emsenn It's actually based something XKCD did: xkcd.com/1529/

Someone did run a vote on Twitter like this following those brackets...

I might be taking it to new heights though!

@alcinnz Yea the bonus voting is what I was thinking really sets it apart!

@alcinnz Hang on, are these actual characters from fiction somewhere? Should I be looking them up to figure out who is capable of what, and voting accordingly? I've been going for "the coolest name" ...

@yojimbo Yes, mostly audio shows!

But feel free to continue voting for the coolest names... Most of which probably comes from the superheroic Red Panda Adventures...

I've got links to these shows & more at adrian.geek.nz/movies
Though I haven't added ars Paradoxica yet, but it's characters are in the tournament!

@alcinnz I don’t know most of these characters, but I’m 1000% behind Amelia Earhart.

@alcinnz Iunno who any of these people are but I like this song, I dunno of many that personify a train station the way I've heard ports personified!

@emsenn It's the themesong for The Thrilling Adventure Hour's Down in Moonshine Hollar. Andy Paley does great themesongs!

It's about about a wealthy early 20th century billionaire throwing away his wealth to stalk "The Hobo Princess" as a hobo. And he he seems to think every weeping woman he comes accross is The Hobo Princess...

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