QuickJS was an interesting project to study! It's a small JavaScript engine that's still well optimized and feature complete without going overboard.

Since I mentioned line counts earlier QuickJS takes ~80k, over half of which is in one file.

It's implemented as a bytecode stack machine with what V8 calls "hidden classes".

Also has a REPL loop with a syntax highlighter, C transpiler, uglifier, and I/O library. Could replace Node.js quite well!

@Madmonkey Basically the only reason to do that replacement is if you care about the complexity of your dependencies.

You'd sacrifice some performance to do so, but not significantly so.

@Madmonkey That small codesize comes from it being developed by two guys rather than a large corporate team...


But Node.JS is really extended and covers a lot of needs. I think weight is because of this.

@Madmonkey Most of those modules should be portable to QuickJS.

Node.js itself, last I checked, is little more than an integration between V8 and libev. QuickJS reimplements the V8 part itself, which is massively complex.

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