My attitude towards "app stores": I like the basic concept, rarely the execution.

Platforms should be promoting well-audited apps that work great on their OS. Especially libre OSs where we need to encourage people to switch away from the proprietary alternatives.

And having an "install" button to put in your launcher for rapid access is great for anything you want to use all the time! Also for making sure you know what the code you're about to run is supposed to do.



What I don't like about app stores are what basically most of you don't like about them: there tends to be a lot of lock in.

I hate it when an OS prevents or hinders (but not warn) against installing apps from other sources.

I hate how every business feels they *need* an app, lot alone a highly branded and silo'd one. Please use or establish standards and lot others build your app for you!

Been reading some appstore hate recently...


Some things I like in an app store:

1) Being able to link to apps from the web and elsewhere.
2) Being able to query the available apps from my browser code for MIMEtype & URI scheme support. So I can offload features I consider out of scope onto them, by recommending users install them as needed.

I'm glad to report FreeDesktop.Org standards support both of these via their AppStream specification!


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