Seeing an angry article that's far too typical of our software freedom community, I want to state:

1) elementary OS takes absolutely *no* control away from the user. The config files are all there at their standard filepaths. I'm happy with it as-is.
2) I do disagree with the *marketting* around FlatPak, etc. But I'll let experienced packages judge the software itself.
3) From looking at it's code, systemd looks far more modular than is often claimed. Still I wouldn't hard depend on it...


Having lots of nobs and dials to tweak so you feel like a Big Boy is not what matters to me when I talk about Software Freedom. Putting these in a more geeky place for the nerds to find, without bothering those who just want to get on with their lives is a good thing!

Building app distribution channels that help people find the free software that fills their needs furthers the cause! Avoids them demanding the proprietary software.

I don't think I'll be reading anymore Tech Rights...

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@mattl Complaining about the creeping corporate influence in Open Source.

I don't disagree that it's there, I just (mostly) disagree where I see it.

And I find it absolutely rediculous he listed elementary OS amongst this, a small handful of talented, passionate, & caring developers standing on the shoulders of giants.

Here's the link:

@alcinnz oh the same thing as ever, which included accusing me of selling GNU out to GitHub

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