I think one of the most important things you can do, given the skills, for a software freedom future is: Make movies & other entertainment!

Seriously as long as we're relying on major corporations to entertain us, they will be pushing proprietary software & DRM on us.

Also it's a good way to communicate our concerns, but ultimately all that's important is to have (more) great DRM-free entertainment for all to enjoy!

No coding skillz required.

Something you could do along these lines (whether you view it as practice for telling your own stories or not) is to modernize or remake the public domain movies that are now (finally!) etering the public domain. Soon the 1930s will be entering the public domain, so there'll be plenty of great choices!

(Currently anything <=1925 is indisputably public domain)

@alcinnz I often think about what could have happened if the crew of Firefly had owned the rights to the production rather than Fox. Imagine if they could have crowdfunded a season 2 and released it under a CC license, maybe a NC one so they could still sell it to corporate networks to help fund a season 3. So many great series are cancelled, despite massive audience demand and even willingness to pay, because of random media business decisions.

#Firefly #Fox #crowdfunding #CreativeCommons

@alcinnz A more recent example would be the fantastic adaption of Swamp Thing that got canned after one season, or The Tick that got the boot from AmaSin Preen after two seasons.

Going further back in time, imagine if a third season of Robin of Sherwood could have been crowdfunded, after the production company making it lost a whole lot of money on a failed movie project and canned season 3.

@strypey Also: it's apparantly a regular occurrance now for Netflix to cancel shows after two seasons.

Which seems to include Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, which they bought off the BBC for a season 2. That show was hilarious! I wish I could buy it without purchasing the rest of Netflix.

@strypey Hmmm come to think of it, I don't think I've heard any of the audio shows I've been listening to come to a premature end.

The endings all feel very natural! At least for those which have ended.

I think we have what you want in the audio drama space!

@strypey @alcinnz
Have you seen any of the Star Trek fanmade episodes? Star Trek Phase 2 and Star Trek Continues, are two different groups making new episodes as amateurs, so it doesn't breach trademark/copyright/etc.

@space_cadet @strypey I *might* have heard of them, I can't recall. I'll look them up sometime!

But I do recall hearing jokes that arguably anything without Roddenbury's direct involvement is a fan production. Then another joke stating that they doubt Paramount are fans.

@space_cadet I've seen a few eps of Continues, it's a fantastic homage to ToS, but ...

> making new episodes as amateurs, so it doesn't breach trademark/copyright/etc.

... also means they have to be incredibly careful not to make any money out of the productions. So it's viable as a middle class hobby, or a form of unpaid internship that could lead to paying work elsewhere, but it doesn't actually put cultural producers in charge of their productions in the way I was getting at.


@strypey @alcinnz
There are a few actors who have gone on to become directors and/or producers. Very few. Most actors aren't quite so multi-talented. Sad but true.

@space_cadet Is this initiating a new discussion? If it was meant to continue the previous one, I'm not sure how it relates.


Nah, I've figured out what I meant ... When you said the "crew" of Firefly you meant the film production crew, but I thought you meant the actors who made up the Crew of Serenity

I will show myself out now

Ba dum tiss

@alcinnz some big movie productions actually use Linux to render the scenes and various tasks. I'm not sure about open source. I believe open source is used a little but they choose it so they can apply their own workflow to the software, but, they keep it locked and not upstream their improvements.

@jordan31 Yup, and I'm pleased for the benefits they find in controlling their software pipelines!

Doesn't change the fact I'm required to install proprietary software (DRM) I don't trust to see what everyone online and off are talking about...

@alcinnz Agreed!

The Church of the SubGenius has been offering DIY mind control cult kits since 1980, and the DRM-free "Hour of Slack" radio show (and podcast) since 1985.

The founder of the first self-contained Linux distribution liked SubGenius enough that he named his creation Slackware. :jrbd:

@onan Thanks! I'll check Hour of Slack out sometime!

BTW I'm naming a smart TV browser engine I want to build "Hephaestus" because of it's the name of the creepy space station Wolf359 is set on. Also "Beauromancy" (from Magus Elgar's finale) would be a great name for a form engine!

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