Worst trap is buying wireless-only laptop. Actually I why we still accept to buy smartphones without ethernet port. If we have USB-C, we could have a small ethernet connector too.


@Shamar new thing to me: "wireless-only laptop". I never saw such one. Also a new thing to me: "smartphones without ethernet port" for I know all phones I saw do not have such port indeed. For the cable connection, I always use USB Tethering from Android phones whenever there is issue with wifi or normal cable internet, Shamar. I do that on every OS I have including Trisquel. @alcinnz


There are several cheap laptop that completely rely on WiFi. Chromebook are the first that come to mind.

As for smartphones, I have never seen one with ethernet either, but... why?
We are used to trust the air, but actually it'not that safe. One could argue that etherner connectors are huge compared to a 2020 smartphone, but if we evolved USB so far we could also build tiny ethernet connectors.


@Shamar oh Chromebook, no wonder I never saw it, as I was never interested on it since the beginning. I always think Chromebook is Proprietary Book as proprietary as the web browser. Thanks for explaining, Shamar! @alcinnz

@Nixfreak @ademalsasa @alcinnz @Shamar i haven't really had the privilege of USB-C but it seems cool and good.


Uhm... good point!

Actually I did not think about them... but do they enable smartphones to use an ethernet connection?

@ademalsasa @alcinnz @Nixfreak

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