Watched WWDC keynote. Overall impression: too much buzzz around "nerdy" and "techbro-y" words. Not too much actual innovation (besides Rosetta 2 and virtualization).

Although, I like that they are making step to macOS, iPad OS and iPhone OS convergense. Looks like way better than now: iOS experience and whole different world of Mac experience.

TL;DR Nice gradual improvement, total lack of innovation.


@alexcleac But how many times did they say "innovation"?

@alcinnz way too much... I stopped counting after tenth in first two minutes I started watching a stream...

@alexcleac @alcinnz methinks they protest overmuch.

They know that innovation is recognizable, and that this is not it.

But they used it enough that the shills will echo it somehow, and so the marketing machine churns on...

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