For the next week or so I think I'll highlight some anti-capitalist quotes from one of my favorite shows "The Red Panda Adventures".

This is a fun & cheesy superhero show set in depression/WWII-era Toronto, Canada.

Of the more mainstream superheroes I think the closest comparison is Batman & Robin. Except The Red Panda is supernaturally talented at hypnosis, and doesn't look kindly on the immense wealth he inherited.


"I don't understand I thought, you thought you organized the charity ball. How can you not know who the beneficiary is?"
"Isn't she adorable?"
"Quite! Dear heart, it doesn't matter who benefits. It's just a socially acceptable excuse for a large & lavish ball!"
"After all, hard times call for hard measures. We're only the idle rich when we're not giving to charity!"
"This way people can read the society pages without feeling animosity towards those who might have more than they do."

Ep7 (S1)

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