"Many tech companies are aware of the environmental issues and are seeking to make digital devices and data centers more energy efficient. A lot of the more advanced data centers use substantial quantities of renewable energy, and their energy efficiency improved dramatically between 2010 and 2020. This is good but it’s not addressing the core issue, which is overconsumption. We consume too much digital, way, way too much, and it’s exploding, exploding, exploding."

World Wide Waste



"The business case of so many in digital is overconsumption. The more we consume of digital, the more money they make. Let’s say we eat too much ice cream. Well, the tech industry is telling us: “Hey, look, we’ve found more energy-efficient ways to make ice cream!”

"This idea that because it’s renewable we can use as much as we want is a dangerous one, and unfortunately feeds the myth of digital, which is all about unlimited power, space and energy."

World Wide Waste


@lanodan My understanding is that renewables are necessary technology, but not by any means a cure-all.

@alcinnz Yeah, we need to reduse consumption and transformations (like "gaz → hot water → turbine → powerline → house blocks → heater/stove/oven" is a sad joke).

> This is good but it’s not addressing the core issue, which is...
...playing software development too much. We produce and use too much toy applications and prototypes which eat out all computing power they reach while usually a simple point optimization increases performance in orders of magnitude.

@nesob39 Keep in mind I'm extracting short snippets from a much longer text.

It does advocate reducing how much software & data we create, and making sure we make sure they're worth it to the end user(s).

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