Apparently, the uptake of Microsoft's "Windows Linux Subsystem" is miniscule despite it being blared from all MS PR speakers at full volume. Smart technologists realise that enclosing Linux within Windows is a stage in Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. Locking the magnificent eagle, symbol of freedom, into a dingy little cage... is not a compelling proposition. Just drop Windows and use Linux. Only a fool puts on the shackles voluntarily.


@lightweight And besides, what's the point? Easy access to Windows? Not interested.

@alcinnz WIndows is the dystopian past we're trying to escape (and, hopefully, forget). It's not the future .

@alcinnz I'm lucky that I personally escaped Windows 25 years ago (I've never owned a computer that ran Windows as it's main OS) but its dominance of almost everyone else's computing experience means I have to contend, indirectly, with its proprietary shittiness most days.

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