Please get your parents off FaceBook:

(I usually aren't interested in discussing social media, but I like this article)

@alcinnz God what a terrible web font! I had to go into dev tools and disable it just to be able to read it.

@djsumdog @alcinnz I thought "djsumdog has to be exaggerating" but then I tried to read it and it provoked a literal migraine. ow. I'm gonna go suffer for a while in the dark. Cya.

@kick @djsumdog I didn't have any problem with it, but do you mind giving this feedback to @markosaric ?

@markosaric @kick @djsumdog Complaining about your font, I don't know more than that.

@alcinnz @kick @djsumdog ahh i see, thanks. my site only has system fonts so how it displays normally depends on the individual device from what i'm aware of

@markosaric @alcinnz @djsumdog that's not true & I double-checked to make sure when I read but I suppose you probably can't see this because of an instance block.

@kick @alcinnz @djsumdog you're talking about you can use ublock origin or something to check if there are any external fonts

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