I finally got around to listening to LibreLounge#38 "User Interfaces with Mairin Duffy", and I really liked it!

It does a good job explaining the current situation regarding UX in regards to libre software! Basically we now generally understand the importance of good UX, but there's more demand for those skills than supply. And most projects tend not to understand how to take advantage of them effectively.

And don't make the mistake that designers (want to) make stuff "pretty" or "delightful". Treat them as an advisor to make sure users are considered throughout every step of building your software!

I don't want to admire my audio player, I want to listen to a billionaire regret his inheritance and punch up crime, nazis, mystical beings, mad scientists, etc alongside a girl in a squirrel suit!

And webdesigners: please give me the design control I need to make your pages work on any device!

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