I've just called it! Rhapsode version 2 has now been released!

* Navigate tables, sections, & paragraphs using arrow keys
* Extensive pseudoclasses support
* Reads Gemini pages
* Anchor links
* Starts reading from <main>
* <details>
* white-space CSS property
* Localized into French, Hungarian, Dutch, & Spanish
* Applies language-appropriate pronunciation.
* aria-hidden attribute
* alt & title attributes replace read children of <form>s.
* Other minor refinements.

Rhapsode's future roadmap:

v3: keyboard link navigation
v4: voice command link navigation
v5: forms

And then I doubt I'll have much more I want to add. Unless someone wants to explore advanced "intent parsing" in HTML forms...

At version 5 or 6 Rhapsode should be pretty much "finished"!

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