@alcinnz the Brutalist one here is very great to me. The others are also interesting. Thanks Adrian for compiling this awesome list. I bookmarked this.

@alcinnz Some interesting stuff there, I liked the one about replacing java script. On another note I'm heavily amused by the brutalist web design site. I've read it before, but only now I noticed, that the fact that it's just a java script, instead of nice plain html page, which would fit its goals perfectly, rendering it useless for some screen readers, is kinda hilarious.

@chillja I know the dynamic with semantic HTML too well, because my "Rhapsode" browser's default stylesheet relies on pages using it correctly and, ideally, extensively.

If not someone else would probably have to provide the CSS, because the site probably won't.

@chillja Also I was going to ask you to clarify, but I see what you mean now.

Upon first glance the source for brutalist-web.design appears to be mainly JavaScript. But let me assure that it's mainly plain HTML compressed into a single line of text, and my Rhapsode browser renders it fine without any support for JavaScript. I use it for one of my test sites.

@alcinnz I see now, my fault for both, jumping to conclusions and having zero to 0 idea of webdev. In that case I'll need to dig further to figure out, why firefox won't offer the reader view for that website. Thanks for teaching me a lesson here ;)

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