As of today the choices for JS focused web dev are to go through Microsoft (npm) or Facebook (yarn), and it makes me want to do neither.

I think it's time for me to learn about Elm, wasm, and whatever other non-big-tech methods seem intriguing.

@alcinnz It seems so cool I kind of want to learn it and then just *make* a use for it in some way.

@freedcreative @alcinnz huh, does elm avoid the use of npm? I always just assumed it was still dependent on that ecosystem.

@technomancy @freedcreative Elm tends to be quite cut off from normal JavaScript, and using it's own libraries instead.

And I think I heard mention of an Elm package manager...

@alcinnz @freedcreative cool; sounds like they're one step ahead. definitely cements it in place as the thing I'd turn to first if for some reason I had to write code that ran in a browser.
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