Studying the code for, it appears it's based almost entirely on the number of bytes transferred according to Google's PageSpeed metrics. It doesn't even penalize JavaScript like Google (surprisingly) suggests it should.

The is used to determine how much carbon to count towards the energy usage.

So the tips they link to won't necessarily improve your rankings on their metrics. Though it is an important metric, and those other tips do matter.

On a related note I tested , and that gets a significantly lower score. I can only think that it's due to my Vimeo/YouTube embeddings.

So protip: avoid those.

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Streaming video is the long haul flight of the Web :(

Try a lower res screen shot and see what difference it makes?


Is that page speed metric from Google analytics?

Trying to think of ways I can keep on top of page sizes and efficiency without using GA to be fair.

@jamesmullarkey @alcinnz not on google... To make that gappen, you must guck the gugols gick. Or create the most fake news content (the more as possible)

@jamesmullarkey While the metric's available outside GA, I'd be surprised if GA didn't incorporate it (I haven't looked).

And once I've considered adding "The Thrilling Adventure" and "Hello From the Magic Cabin" I'll do a big redesign where I'll either get rid of those or move them to seperate pages.


The environmental difference between downloading and watching locally to streaming is massive. Interesting question if we should be trying to influence people to download.

@jamesmullarkey And that's what I'm encouraging on that page! When I do embed videos it's others' marketting material, which I haven't bothered putting in a more efficient player.


This has been a fun website to play with.

According to this website, is dirtier than 99% of websites tested. Meanwhile, is actually cleaner than 58% of websites tested.

More proof that the new reddit interface is pure trash.

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