Sigh. DRM is difficult to fight against, but it's the knot that needs to unravel for the cause of software freedom.

Most people don't care & end up supporting it. If we pay to see what everyone's talking about, we get counted as supporting it. If we don't pay & instead "pirate" it, worse they'll turn around and say "see, this is why we need DRM!".

What we really need to do is support artists to say "see, DRM is totally unnecessary to make a profit" by supporting indie artists.



@solarkraft Yeah there's a reason why I'm focusing on finding fictional movies & shows. Which I forgot in that toot.

It's not hard to find great music, standup comedies, documentaries, & games (what else?) DRM-free. My help isn't needed there.

Audio shows btw made it onto my list through sheer quality, it was originally going to just be movies.

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