Sigh. DRM is difficult to fight against, but it's the knot that needs to unravel for the cause of software freedom.

Most people don't care & end up supporting it. If we pay to see what everyone's talking about, we get counted as supporting it. If we don't pay & instead "pirate" it, worse they'll turn around and say "see, this is why we need DRM!".

What we really need to do is support artists to say "see, DRM is totally unnecessary to make a profit" by supporting indie artists.



There's a couple of issues currently with supporting indie entertainment, at least when it comes to video & audio fiction.

One is that Hollywood are experts at harnessing peer pressure. Another is finding those alternatives, which is something I'm attempting to address at .

But the fragmentation of streaming services could be an opportunity for us...

@AbbieNormal If we can pull something together to take the place of a streaming service for some people, it might do allright and get our message accross.

Ofcourse that's easier said then done...


The easiest thing that comes to my mind is a distribution of popcorn time in which only drm free materials are available

Maybe associated to accounts (liberapay ? GNU Taler ?) to reward the authors

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