Developer-driven software distribution is a bad idea, which is why I dislike things like Flatpak.

Having distro maintainers involved in the process and installing your software from a free software distribution like Debian or FreeBSD is a much better distribution of power. The packages can be tuned to suit their environment without the developer having to repackage it for every distro, and the distro maintainers can keep out anti-features like telemetry and advertising.

The middleman may seem annoying to developers, but embrace the model and it'll work for you. Landing packages in your favorite distro isn't actually that hard, and the rest of the distros will follow. If you're an end-user who wants to see some software available for your distro, look into packaging and volunteer - it's easy.


@sir One vital need operating system package repositories fill in my opinion is to keep the riff-raff, the unmantained toy projects written for educational purposes and forgotten about, out. And indexing them so apps can ask you to install the software they need, I wish more browsers did this!

I've read an anti-opensource article which in large part seemed more to be against these uncurated repos.

Why do people think computers have solved this problem? They're doing a poor job!

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