"A website is not an art project; a website is a piece of machinery that people accept into their lives, like an appliance. Just as nobody would accept a microwave that exploded if you tried to heat up pizza in it rather than baked potatoes, nobody should accept a website that ceases to function when the font is changed."

"The web is optimized for transmission of large chunks of minimally-styled text; using it to simulate native applications, while impressive, is a terrible idea and should never have become normalized."

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@alcinnz Hell yes!

"When a web designer decides that his own sense of aesthetics matters more than the decisions of the user, a false division is created. The web designer should not be the master in this relationship; the web designer serves the user, and should bow to whatever any user prefers, to the extent possible. This is not the way things work now; instead, web designers act as arbiters of taste, with major consequences for large groups of people."

@erosdiscordia And the said thing is that CSS is perfectly designed to help the web designer to bow to the user! That's why it's such a weird language.

Not that it helps if the web designer has the mindset...

@alcinnz Part of my job right now is helping maintain and update a stable of company websites.

It's been pretty eye-opening.

One of them has an animation -- a single, decorative animation, on one page -- that required 2500 lines of code.

@erosdiscordia What? Were they just pulling JavaScript frameworks because they're cool?

I'm struggling to imagine how an animation, decorative or not, takes that much code.

@alcinnz I don't actually have any idea what went into its creation. My co-workers call it The Beast, and it was something the website owner specifically wanted.

And then on the other hand, we have clients concerned about the accessibility standards of the text inside a slideout menu of a popup sidebar, in a site full of needless parallax and animation.

I was leaning towards brutalist design before this job, and now I'm a full convert.

@erosdiscordia @alcinnz
As a UX designer I've struggling with this for the past 10 years of my work life. It's a constant Mexican standoff between me, the business folks, the marketing team and the front end devs, each of them trying to drag the project their way without as much as a single user test and/or a survey...

@alcinnz Exactly this. HTML and HTTP were designed to encode, transmit, and display HyperText. Hence the HT in their names. Everything beyond that is a hack.

@alcinnz "Just as nobody would accept a vaccum cleaner the size of an elephant"

@alcinnz Slightly ironic that this post is on medium, one of the websites which are intentionally made way less accessible for profit reasons...

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