To support the YouTube walkout this week, I'll be promoting (once again) some superb entertainment I've found on the wider Web every day this week.

Today's recommendation: Pepper & Carrot

It's a cute/relatable/amusing webcomic by the concept artist behind the Blender Open Movies about a young witch-in-training Pepper and her cat Carrot.

P.S. Where do we find the Blender Open Movies outside YouTube? YouTube appears to official source for newer ones.

@alcinnz we should help such great creators find out about new platforms such as

@jurjendevries Though in this case, I think Blender knows about the alternatives well enough. They just need to use them.

And in their case I'd definitely like them to go back to adding download links to their website(s)!

@alcinnz Okay. Then let ask them to use those platforms 😊 and of course download links at their own sites as well.


Blender foundation already has its own peertube instance

i don't know if there are youtube videos from them newer than a month (or how good the uptime of the instance is.) but it sure Seems most content is on there

@Valenoern Yeah! They have a dedicated channel for their Blender Open Movies!

Though they seem to be missing titles like Hero, Caminandes 1 & 3, & The Daily Dweebs...

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