When I rail against JavaScript, what I'm seeking to accomplish is not for every web- and browser-dev to just drop it. I know that'll never happen.

What I'm wanting is for more and more webdevs to make do without JS, in turn allowing more and more web surfers to disable it by default. At the same time I can't see it being well-supported in any new browsers, like NetSurf, Dillo, and Rhapsode.

And I want to encourage this with new and declarative web standards.

@alcinnz I'd love to, but I have some issues needing js.

Like, some browsers don't wait until the body is finished loading before trying to move to an anchor tag, so I'm requiring js to get folks to the anchor tag -_-

very annoying
@alcinnz tho i'm not using a big ol library, i avoid those where possible, a single function on an onload is enough for me.

@clarjon1 Fair enough. Sounds like it should gracefully degrade so it still works without JS, so no complaint from me.

@alcinnz oh yes, thats one thing that i've been pushing for. I wish the nav wasn't as big but what can you do for a manual -- the site works perfectly fine even in lynx :D
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