Since I'm currently staying in Nelson, New Zealand I have seen extreme weather.

Supposedly once-in-mellenium (or whatever) floods are now a nearly anual occurance since I first moved here. And earlier this year (or was it last?) I saw a out of control wildfire outside my window.

Climate breakdown isn't just theory, it's happening NOW before our eyes! We all need to be addressing this yesterday, and governments are big yet lacking part of the solution.

Some of my favourite links here are: &

But now I've found:

"This involves getting the people, the enterprises, the bad actors, and the governments, all aligned to the same vision.

The more actors aligned, the easier it gets to coordinate global initiatives. The fewer aligned, leads to infighting and conflict before reaching the international stage. (Hint: That's USA today)"


More quotes from that article:

"People trying to get food on the table tomorrow don’t give a damn about climate change 10 years from now. We can’t stop these people burning wood for fuel. Not unless we have an alternative. There’s no moral high ground here - morality doesn’t come into the picture unless your basic needs are met."

"I could argue for global warming using the same method: July 2019 has been the hottest month in the history of the world. But, that will be me falling for the exact same fallacy as people professing climate change is fake.

The real measure is the aggregate. The global averages have been rising. The temperature cycles through hot and cold seasons, with small delays - a bit extra CO2 released today doesn’t immediately increase the temperature tomorrow."

'Things get tricky when we get to companies and governments, which are detached from the people who work there. For them, the directive, like human beings, is to survive and prosper. The catch? Survive and prosper as long as I, the leader, am in power. This is usually 4 years in government, and for companies, can be up to 10 years.

It’s the high stakes version of “Let me watch just one more episode on Netflix, then I’ll sleep, promise.” '

@alcinnz That is a great way of putting it. We are tired and we need to sleep, but netflix is just too enticing.

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