Petition to remove the ability for JavaScript to manipulate scrolling from all web browsers


Petetion to remove JavaScript from all web browsers

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@sir sadly that would do more bad than good :/

@alvarezp @sir Because a lot of useful things would break. While some might abuse JS, many don't. And it's unfair to ignore the good parts.

@biosmarcel @sir Same argument was given by some people back when Win98 did not have restricted accounts, same argument for macros in Office documents... yet, bad ideas The more we set roots into this, the more painful will it be to fix it.


@alvarezp @biosmarcel @sir Certainly, backwards compatibility can't an excuse not to reverse terrible decisions.

The good parts of JavaScript can be replaced in ways that don't have us running whatever untrusted software The Internet gives us. And can ensure the alternatives gracefully degrade enough that pages still work on unsupporting browsers.

I really like Intercooler.js's ideas for starters.

@alvarezp @biosmarcel @sir Another reason to dislike JavaScript:

It may arguably improve your site's experience on a desktop/laptop or even touchscreen phone, but it worsens your experience on, say, a "smart" TV or voice assistant even more so. This promise of universal accessibility was a big selling point for the Web early-on.

I really don't know how I'd conveniently incorporate JavaScript into a voice assistant experience. The APIs don't gell well.

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