More ideas for a post-JS web 

Due to my interest in the topic, here's some other ideas I've gathered which I really like, not all of them mine:

a) Use CSS selectors to use any element on the page as your link/form's target.
b) poll/notify attributes extending (a) to allow users to enable polling the server for updates and receiving notifications.
c) Have links specifically name the cookies they want sent (via URL parameters).
d) modal=dialog|beside|up|down|left|right attribute on links.

More ideas for a post-JS web 

e) Bring back <keygen>, this time with a decent UI.
f) Attributes to enable drag and drop reordering, participating in forms. Requires feature detection to allow graceful degradation.
g) <datalist> needs more support.
h) <to>/<th> in <select> (I've been asked for this)
i) An attribute allowing users to sort tables by column clientside.
j) A `proxy` attribute on checkboxes allowing for (de)select all.
k) A language based on BNF to syntax-highlight <textarea>s.

More ideas for a post-JS web 

In gathering these ideas there's a few principles I like to keep in mind. The foremost of which is that it shouldn't be possible to write arbitrary programs in any of these, and that if clients don't support these features pages should still function. Also I want them to be trivial to implement and optimize.

If they're not trivial they need their own MIMEtype and/or URI scheme so it's not the browser's responsibility. Native apps can help the open web avoid silos.

More ideas for a post-JS web 

I'd be keen to help implement a browser engine to try these ideas out in, but I should probably first implement JavaScript polyfills as that'd be more widely useful.

And in that browser engine I'd be keen to add features to help make the web more read/write, including:

* a WYSIWYG mode for editing HTML (trivial due to syntax highlighting support)
* A CSS "theme" editor (add a "select element" gesture, and webform in a sidebar).

One more...

More ideas for a post-JS web 

* Also a "WebInspector" like other browsers would be cool! Though most those tabs are focused on JS and as such I'd call unnecessary here.

They like implementing it in JavaScript+CSS because that's readily availanle to them and possibly to show off their capabilities. So I'd be keen to show off my HTML-variant's capabilities here with polling, flexible targets, sortable tables, and syntax-highlighting.


More ideas for a post-JS web 

@alcinnz I would love something where I could press a button and see the objects behind what I'm looking at. Something like in Self, which Javascript is based on and could have been more like if more time went into its initial development. Also an integrated and easy to find/use manual for the browser would be nice too. The icing on the cake would be a morphic inspired interface, it would make messaging programs a lot of fun.

More ideas for a post-JS web 

@wistahe I'm not sure I understand you. In terms of the ideas I discussed, are you saying you want to be able to easily see which URL each section of the page was downloaded from?

I'll agree on the documentation aspect! Too few developers & designers have the skill to write that.

And can you describe Morphic and what you like about it?

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