@MatejLach @alcinnz @slomo @federicomena @alatiera @bugaevc I read that as "we could only afford to build it for macOS and now porting just doesn't worth it because we're knee-deep in Apple stuff".
I doesn't see any value in there, they just used non-portable stack from the beginning. Would be nice to hear what is so irreplaceable they use if you're right.


@charlag @MatejLach@social.matej-lach.me @slomo @federicomena @alatiera @bugaevc I understand they're situation, because for Odysseus I couldn't move away from WebKit (ironically here, an Apple lead project) if I wanted to. It'd be easier to rewrite it all from scratch!

Because almost every piece touches WebKitGTK's API, or if not that GTK's.

Though I'm not complaining, WebKitGTK is a nice piece of libre software that will at least run cross-platform.

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