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The french government issues 500 takedown notices to the internet archive, claiming that large portions of the archive (which are otherwise perfectly legal) are "terrorist content" including Project Gutenberg, the Prelinger Archive, the Grateful dead collection, and some CSPAN archive.

Are you a french person? Will you complain to your government?

Pessimism about the internet 

It just feels like Nothing is safe and all of the things that have allowed the way of life to which we have all grown accustomed to flourish are under attack.

And even if we can fix this, it's wrecked my trust in the platforms and in the longevity of the "open" part of "open internet"

I don't see a way forward that isn't also a path underground.

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Global Pol. Assange 

And of course today Assange was arrested. I have such conflicting feelings about that, in light of the way wikileaks appears to have really leaned in to the far right, but it's still probably a bad sign for freedom of expression.

And Manning is still in solitary confinement, which is abhorrent.

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Internet politics; --; mh; help? 

I guess what I'm saying is that the world is a really dark place this morning, and it's bringing me down.

I'm normally the person who finds the light, who is working towards the goal, who is, if not hopeful, at least Angry enough to fight back.

But right now I feel small and defeated and like the odds are more stacked against us than ever, and I would really love some honest encouragement, and help moving forward and fighting back.

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Internet politics; --; mh; help? 

@ajroach42 Look at the Fediverse, it's small but it's healthy and it's resistant to corporate control. If we can build this then eventually we can build the systems we need to survive and their systems will wither on the vine.

General pessimism about the internet. 

@inkblot_sandwiches I agree that the fedi is healthy and resistant to corporate control.

But it's never been the corporations I was worried about. We've always won, or at least held our ground, on that front.

It's the governments, the laws, that frighten me.

And the fedi is even more fragile than a corporate network to government overreach.

General pessimism about the internet. 

@ajroach42 I don't know. Guess I've always just banked on us being able to take information back underground if we needed to.

General pessimism about the internet. 

@inkblot_sandwiches Me too.

And what I'm saying now is that I think we need to.

I think that the last two years have shown us that it may soon be too late.

General pessimism about the internet. 

@ajroach42 @inkblot_sandwiches I've been thinking further in this direction, by the way. I think it would be very straightforward to build p2p/f2f stuff on top of Tor using existing software. I also have some ideas for how to deal with the situation if it starts becoming really difficult/dangerous to access Tor. Even if Germany outlaws operating relays and/or exits, unless they outlaw its *use* in a way that makes people scared to use obfsproxy, Tor can work.

General pessimism about the internet. 

@freakazoid @inkblot_sandwiches This is what my new minions and I talked about over lunch. The idea of running p2p and f2f stuff over tor is Powerful, but also a little worrying.

The thing that made the internet so important to me as a kid was that I didn't have to be *in the know* to gain access.

p2p and f2f are the only answer I see, but I'm not sure how to balance that privacy against the kind of discoverability that made me fall in love with the web.


General pessimism about the internet. 

@ajroach42 @inkblot_sandwiches @freakazoid My current thinking is that search & discoverability is where federation is most needed.

And the best way for us smaller players to compete is to set our focus areas and curate the metadata we receive, because than we'll be able to offer more powerful (hopefully just as convenient) UIs.

Also I blame the centralization of these services partly on browser UI design, that needs fixing.

General pessimism about the internet. 

@alcinnz @inkblot_sandwiches @ajroach42 I think we need to be very circumspect about how we approach discoverability. I post everything unlisted and have search engine visibility disabled on my profile specifically to reduce the number of trolls and potentially worse who stumble across my posts. I want them to be discovered through boosts.

The main time discoverability helps is in bootstrapping.

General pessimism about the internet. 

@freakazoid @inkblot_sandwiches @alcinnz Right. I should have been more clear.

As a 12 year old with an internet connection and not much else, I learned about the world through my computer, through what I guess today would be called the Social Graph. Jumping from search result to forum post to blog post to geocities page chasing information.

It's that kind of ease of discoverability I am worried about losing.

General pessimism about the internet. 

@ajroach42 @alcinnz @freakazoid On the other hand when I was about the same age I was helping harass random sites and people as part of a 4chan mob.

General pessimism about the internet. 

@freakazoid @ajroach42 @inkblot_sandwiches I don't have a full answer there. I just know that it's needed in some form or other, however small, to get works published for others to benefit from. Authors should put good thought into making the best of this decision.

And on the other side people shouldn't be gravitating towards silos in order to discover stuff. That should be the browser's job, because it's in the best position to do it with good values.

General pessimism about the internet. 

@alcinnz @inkblot_sandwiches @ajroach42 I had high hopes for the Flock browser, which was supposed to do exactly this, but that didn't seem to go anywhere.

General pessimism about the internet. 

@ajroach42 @inkblot_sandwiches @alcinnz I think the right technology for this is something like RSS, Atom, RDF, and/or some kind of microformat. The Fediverse could certainly play a role, too. Searchable feeds of links with some optional metadata. It's not like you need to search a database containing the entire Web in order to be able to find something you're going to like.

General pessimism about the internet. 

@freakazoid @inkblot_sandwiches @ajroach42 Exactly the direction I'm looking at!

I've just implemented Atom/RSS autodiscovery for Odysseus, and am next looking to echo back the unvisited you've encountered as personalized suggestions.

After that I'm looking to SKOS and microformats to aid bookmarks and bookmark sharing; then OpenSearch+Atom/RSS to combine multiple (smaller + optionally Searx) search engines into one locally.

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