Reminder: if you don't use JavaScript, you don't get crashes. And don't need loading screens.

I'm liking this post:

And he's got a list of things he wants to be able to do without JS. discuss?

"1. Why can't we have a standard search element that filters a list on the client side (similar to how ng-repeat | filter: worked on Angular)?
2. Wouldn't a standard HTML element for drag-and-drop sorting be awesome?
3. More advanced validation functionality, like comparing equality of two different form fields.
4. The ability to do the modal/checkbox trick above without it feeling like a hack and writing weird CSS."

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@alcinnz Basically what you need for 4 is the ability for an element to toggle the hidden attribute on another element. Maybe a 'shows' and/or 'hides' attribute?

@alexbuzzbee I'd add that I think modals have become a useful and dominant enough UI pattern on The Web (particularly in the form of "lightboxes") that I believe they should be native to HTML.

Maybe there's an attribute on links and buttons for that. Which could also set a side of this element to place it on, or maybe even pull in entire webpages for UIs like Stripe or OpenStack Horizon.

@alcinnz Perhaps add a 'modal' attribute to <button> that opens a modal document iframe-style? Or perhaps a modal element which is given by id?

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