People _really_ don't want to pay to support developers. Like I don't care if you're donating $0.50/month; that's better than throwing THOUSANDS at companies and software that we've seen time and time again don't respect you, your privacy, freedoms, agency or person-hood.

I'm pro #FundProjects (and probably jaded as one myself)

Like I understand if you can't afford financially - we live in a society that doesn't provide financial stability or reliability to its citizens. There's other ways you can help with projects!

* Bug reporting
* Writing content about them and your experience <> reviews
* Translations

Some projects highlight how you can help in these capacities on their sites. If not, def reach out to the developer and ask them about it (if you feel comfortable + capable to)


@jalcine These are all incredibly valuable things to me!

@alcinnz Definitely me as well! It's also up to us as developers to make the venues for doing this as simple and unobtrusive as possible for those contributing

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