"Desktop applications should not attempt to mimic mobile phone apps that were designed to be used by touch — 'hamburger menus' may be a suitable compromise for crammed mobile phones but not for today’s desktop systems with Full HD or 4K screens."

omg this! Stop "improving" my desktop interfaces with these dumb monstrosities.

@unicornfarts I'm quite satisfied with interfaces which try not to need a menu, and places what few (if any), rarely used remaining actions it has into a hamburger menu. That's what I try to make.

Though on elementary OS it is usually a gear icon.

@alcinnz I'm alright with it from a customization standpoint, But having the menus readily available for a new installation especially ones that also display a command's keyboard-shortcut right along with it are very handy and also offer someone not familiar with the software immediate understanding on how to use the software more efficiently... IMO


@unicornfarts Yeah, if there's a weakness I see in elementary it's that they didn't do a good job communicating these keyboards shortcuts.

Juno's MUCH better at that though! And I'm following suit. They use tooltips, and show window manager shortcuts upon pressing the super key.

@alcinnz I didn't know that about Juno, I'm going to bump Juno up on my "distro-testing priority list" ;)

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