I've been trying Kdenlive instead of Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing as an experiment over the weekend for a lil music video for a friend I filmed a while ago. I've had to think outside the box a bit and massively change my workflow for multi-camera stuff and the compositing is very basic but overall it's not too bad for a quick easy video editor =)

@Shrigglepuss What about OpenShot? Ever tried that? If so, how does it compare?

@UnclearFuture I tried OpenShot briefly a few months ago, of the two I think Kdenlive is probably the better one but I didn't try OpenShot out for as long so still worth giving it a go!

@Shrigglepuss Thank you, I'm going to try it out OpenShot one day, I would try Kden but don't like KDE or GNOME with the way they force having a load of libraries and programs etc you don't necessarily want or need, on you, heh.

@UnclearFuture Yeah, using a Kdenlive wasn't ideal because I use GNOME. Wayland struggled a bit with it, had to switch to Xorg for some of the dialogue windows to work, but apart from that it seemed fine!

@Shrigglepuss That's a shame. How is Wayland? I haven't had a chance to try it out yet since I only use XFCE.

@UnclearFuture For me personally it's been fine, been using it since it was default in Fedora, only really had issues with this program and colour pickers up to now =D

@Shrigglepuss Interesting about the colour pickers, but maybe they're only coded for xorg? If they're from like websites etc, why would they not be able to pick them up? Hmmm.

@UnclearFuture I'm not sure to be honest, but the gimp colour picker or a stand-alone one I tried didn't work so I presume it's picking whatever colour is under the cursor in an xorg-only way (colour pickers that can pick from anywhere on the screen btw)

@Shrigglepuss Intreguing, is there a bug report/issue on their github or whatever?

@UnclearFuture I'm not sure, but I presume they're working on it- both were GTK3 programs =) It's not a huge deal, I just take a screenshot and pick the colour from the image if needed, it's very rare I need to do this to be fair

@Shrigglepuss @UnclearFuture color pickers currenlty don't work on Wayland, but IIRC there's something on the way - you can check the gcolor3 dev's blog for more details.
@brainblasted It's frustrating how limited things are in Wayland right now. A desktop with icons or widgets is practically impossible there on a protocol level as of now for instance.
@xrevan86 no? I'm pretty sure KDE plasma has desktop widgets icons, and they have a Wayland session (I may be mistaken, as I don't use it myself). There's also a Desktop Icons extension for GNOME.
@brainblasted Ah, the trick is that the Wayland compositor draws it all on its own, so there's no problem that the protocol cannot do that.
Same can be said about screenshots or colour picking – the compositor has no problem accessing the whole image surface.

@xrevan86 @brainblasted If you're talking about placing files on the desktop beneath the windows, well it is the same situation with X11 there as it is on Wayland.

For a way to implement it outside of the window manager, I suggest you take a look at: appcenter.elementary.io/com.gi

@alcinnz Well, that's an edge case.
In X11 it is possible to mark a window a certain way, and then the WM that follows the standard will place the window as a desktop.
How would one approach that in Wayland?
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