Quick history lesson that's causing me pain.

RSS was originally meant to showcase RDF, but in that role it utterly fails. Because it turned into a poor expression of both XML & RDF. Later Atom was standardized to be a more XML-onic RSS but by that time the harm was done. Trying to deal with two formats just makes things in the work I'm doing. Because I have to ignore namespaces which XML-tools don't like to do.

So I'll stop trying to use XPath and build simpler primitives for myself instead.

@alcinnz I honestly don't understand why RSS 1.0/2.0 is still around, I guess people just go with them when they need an "RSS feed".
How to make it clear to everyone that the "RSS feed" is not to be done with RSS 1.0 / RSS 2.0, but with the Atom standard?

@xrevan86 in all my communications on the subject I consistently use the term "webfeed" I hope that's helps.

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