Hey @alcinnz , in one post, why do I want to swap out my distro's default web browser for #Odysseus?

@strypey There's a couple angles to this:

1) It has an aesthetic specifically tuned for elementary OS. I find this reduces the mental switches I have to do. (DONE)
2) Better integration with decentralized web technologies (IN-PROGRESS though well on my way). Addresses the adoption hurdles of ones not already integrated with AppCenter (and equivalent) integrations.
3) Low-maintenance and high-reward navigation aids (IN-PROGRESS).

Does this help?

@alcinnz sounds cool. The #Trisquel community have been discussing browser options for some time, as we become increasingly disturbed by some of the stuff going on over at #Mozilla. Is Odysseus a fork of an existing browser, or built from scratch?

@strypey Interesting.

You now have me trying to figure out how to excel for Trisquel.

One question: does Trisquel support the AppStream standard? Because while Odysseus will run perfectly fine without it, I do rely on it to ease adoption of, say, magnet: links.

@alcinnz AppStream? Good question, no idea. Trisquel is based off #Ubuntu, and has everything Ubuntu has minus the non-free stuff, and with #Mate instead of #Unity/ #GNOME. I'm still using Trisquel 7, which was based off 14.04, but most folks are already on 8, based off 16.04. The devs are now working on 8, which will be based off 18.04, so that would be the release to target for possible inclusion (at least in the repo).

@alcinnz but basically, if Odysseus is 100% free code, and in the main Debian repo, it will drip through to Trisquel eventually. Once it's available for testing, it will be easier to make the case for making it the new default. I'm keen to have a test drive but I'll probably wait until I'm properly upgraded to 8.


@strypey Yes, Odysseus is 100% free software. I actively make sure of it!

And I'd be interested in getting it into Debian Main (I've already done much of the packaging work), any tips on who to contact?

@alcinnz again, good question. No idea. From what I understand the #Debian community are super keen to welcome new package maintainers, so I imagine there would be info on their website about who to email address, or what mailing list to join. I imagine there's a Debian IRC channel on FreeNode you could ask in?

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